About Rin

My name is Rin Asuka, and my dream is to become a Creative Writer. I have always found an interest in creativity, designing worlds, characters, and just generally fantasising and living in a dream world of my own.

I have been writing books since 2014 if not even earlier. Now that I’ve grown up a bit more, I want to start to share those stories with other people and inspire them to write their own books. Creating and Exploring worlds is fun for me, and it’s something I can call my own.

I started writing stories based from the idea of Left 4 Dead, a Video game series made by Valve. and to this day, the story of surviving a Zombie Apocalypse still entices me. All of the book’s I have written so far have all been based around the theme of “Survival” Although the books have varying settings and situations.

This blog is going to be my way to build a portfolio. I’ll be analysing Films and TV, posting theory on what I think makes a book, as well as posting parts of my books as I write them. I may also write short stories and scripts too.

(Profile art by the wonderful Eyesofashes! eyesofashes.com)