Killing Days Side Story: Plot

This is the second part of my Killing Days Side Story: Finn and Zoey planning. The first part is here: This post will go over the key plot points.

Launching straight into the plot, I want to break it down into several sections. Normal life, Start of the apocalypse, Refusal, Meeting the mentor, Trials, Return to a changed normal life. Those who have studied any kind of story writing will recognise most of these points as the Hero’s Journey. For those who don’t recognise these points, I’ll get into the Hero’s Journey in another post.

Normal life, Before the start of the apocalypse. The story will be following Finn’s perspective for this part. This is our introduction to Finn, our first impressions of the character. We need to establish who he is by what he is doing.

I did take a break between the last paragraph and this one since I was caught up on what he would be doing. After a lot of thinking, I feel like he could be doing something creative around writing. As a writer, I do a lot of research into my books. and writing a lot of Zombie based books, my internet history looks slightly incriminating. I feel as if Finn, being a smart individual, would like taking on a form of world building. If he was staying up planning, then it would give him more than enough reason to be awake at 3AM when the apocalypse originally broke out.

From here, I want Finn to encounter Zoey on his way to the safe zone. This will be Finn’s introduction to the infected. In this meeting, the two characters will help each other escape from the infected and to the safe zone.

From here, it’s more settling down and learning the environment of the safe zone. I want the plot points to challenge Finn and Zoey to really establish why they are able to survive this apocalypse. I’m not sure what order they’ll be in yet, But getting the ideas down on paper is what is important at this stage. The situations and skills I want to be tested are: Teamwork, Stealth, Raiding, Shooting, First aid, Crafting.

A good idea for Crafting is if the pair get separated from the safe zone. i.e. Lost in a forest, having to get out of a dangerous situation. A true “Survival” aspect that people think of when it comes to the apocalypse. I feel like this would come more towards the end of the story.

First aid is a skill that will be shown throughout the story, not at just one specific event. but I do want the characters to show a progression of this knowledge over the course of the book. In addition, teamwork will be the same. As the story goes on, the teamwork between Finn and Zoey will grow.

Stealth and Raiding I want to go hand in hand too. As supplies start to run out, characters will start to raid other safe zones for supplies. it’s a world of survival of the fittest. During one trial, I want Finn and Zoey to infiltrate an enemy safe zone. This trial will be to help their own safe zone.

Another trial, towards the beginning of the book, is going to be a fight with an “Ape” infected. in Killing Days, Dani and Ruby are the first ones to kill an Ape infected. They achieve this by crushing it under a pile of rubble. While Finn and Zoey won’t be able to achieve it the same way, they will be able to kill it.

To Summarise and put these trials and events into some order. The event of the books will be: Normal life and initial breakout, settling into the safe zone, learning tools and starting to raid. Climax 1: Attack of Ape. which then goes into the dynamics of the safe zone, and an attack on the safe zone as the Second Climax of the story. From here, the story will focus on the survival aspect, to be followed by the raid on the opposing safe zone.

From here, the last thing is the final climax of the story, then a bit of time for the story to settle back down. But honestly, I’m stuck with this final confrontation. So I want to reach out to you, the Reader of this post, to help me. if you could suggest any ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments. Thank you for your support throughout my journey!


2 thoughts on “Killing Days Side Story: Plot

  1. I think a good one to add is infiltration from other people, whether the interaction turns out to be a good or bad one. I feel like the biggest threat in an apocalypse is ourselves and others. Other survivors

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    1. I do like your thinking Boo ❤ Other survivors are the biggest threat in the apocalypse, more so than the Zombies. I have had ideas about similar things that are going to be concluded. I am playing some of the points close to the chest for now to give some sort of surprise to the reader. But I definitely can use this, and it has given me a couple of ideas what the final conflict of the book can be.


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