Defining my main characters (Killing Days Version 4)

While possible, it is hard to pull off a story without a protagonist. The book is about them and their adventure. Most of the time, the protagonist will be the narrator character for the story, and we’ll see the book through their eyes. I also want a Deuteragonist in my story. a deuteragonist is almost like a “Sidekick” for the main character. However, they are not to be confused with secondary characters, a deuteragonist can be just as important as the Protagonist. In Killing Days, the Protagonist is Danielle Alder, and the deuteragonist is her cousin, Ruby Alder.

Danielle Alder is sixteen years old at the start of the story, born 23rd of June. if the people who went to her school had to describe her in one word, it would be “Loner” Dani doesn’t easily make friends, She’s doesn’t trust people. If people end up working in the same group project as her, they can expect to kick back and let her do all the work. Dani spends a lot of time in her own world, wondering what could be. She spends her days waiting till she can see her cousin again. Dani also spends a lot of her free time playing video games, from puzzle games to shooting games, She’s a tactical thinker, intelligent, problem solving. She takes initiative in games.

Over the course of Dani’s story, I want her to become more confident, trusting, open. I want her to go from being a loner, to a leader. Someone who can inspire others. She won’t be afraid to fight her own battles. throughout the course of the story, She’ll learn that she can’t always work alone, Doing nothing is the worse course of action, and trust that other people know what they’re doing.

Ruby Alder is also sixteen at the start of the story, born 7th of December, making her older than Dani. She is reclusive, shy, anxious. She lost her mum six years before the story takes place, and shortly after almost lost her own life to the same disease. The highlights of her life is the two points in the year, summer and winter, where she gets to see her younger cousin, Dani. Ruby also has a history of Gymnastics, loving how free she can move after years of training.

As Ruby grows through the story, I want Ruby to realise her importance in the world. Her to be able to help people and push them forwards, help them back onto their feet. While she lost her mother at a young age, I want her to adopt her own motherly role towards characters. While Dani inspires them to do great things, Ruby inspired them to stand up and keep going. knowing that the small things matter too.

To contrast the characters. I want Dani to inspire the major heroic events in people. Making people feel brave and confident enough to save other people. While Ruby helps people save themselves. Getting them to smile, stand up, and spread a small bit of happiness. Through Dani’s intelligence, and Ruby’s athleticism, the two become a great team. They couldn’t survive on their own.


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