Killing Days Personal Review

I’ve spent the last couple of days thinking about my current project, Killing days. As I’ve stated before in my “Rin’s Start Line” Post (Link: ) I did outline my hopes of rewriting or making a new story in the Killing Days universe. And that is what I’ve decided to do. However, I want to take this time before I start my planning of my new book, to reflect on Killing Days.

Let’s start with my Main characters. Danielle and Ruby Alder. When I first created them, I gave them strong backstories, that I didn’t truly outline. Trying to go for the more “Show don’t tell” approach. However, in a book, this can be even further explored than just inferred. Other than that, I feel the characters did have attributes that made them different. Danielle being standoffish and brash, and Ruby being shy and quiet. I feel that I need to further show off their different skills in order to build their characters differently.

The situation of the story, A Zombie Apocalypse, has always caught my attention. This time around, I’ve made it too vague. skimmed over the situation too much. While the story isn’t focused on the situation, I feel like I need to enhance it to more than just a setting. I need to convey dangers to the characters better. I still really enjoy the setting of a Zombie Apocalypse and will definitely use it again. Outside of video games, Zombie stories don’t seem to exist much in fiction.

The setting, situation and my main characters, I am fairly proud of. However, the story isn’t as clear and linear as I would like. the trials that the main characters go through aren’t as related and may not further character development. In the later half of the story, I feel the characters get the development, but it wasn’t written in a way I would like. I tried to stick to my pattern of shifting character perspectives, that it limited me chapter to chapter. Over the next few days, I will be planning the story again. and my planning will be uploaded here on a twice a week basis hopefully.

As I came to the last five or so chapters of Killing Days in it’s current iteration, I started to have a proper narrative planned out. Upon realising it, I realised that I could improve the start of the story so much more. I have the starts of an antagonist planned. And when I get more into the planning of his character, I want to go over what makes a villain great.

I’ll split this planning process up into several sections. The setting and situation, the main characters, the antagonist, and the trials. Killing Days is a project close to my heart, and I want to make sure it’s the best it can be when I release it. Starting this blog has turned me from someone who just likes to write, to someone serious about writing.

Thank you all for joining me in this adventure, and any feedback feel free to leave a comment, send a message to me through my “Contact” page. or tweet me @RinCrowe.


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