Killing Days Side Story: Plot

This is the second part of my Killing Days Side Story: Finn and Zoey planning. The first part is here: This post will go over the key plot points. Launching straight into the plot, I want to break it down into several sections. Normal life, Start of the apocalypse, Refusal, Meeting the mentor, Trials, … Continue reading Killing Days Side Story: Plot


Defining my main characters (Killing Days Version 4)

While possible, it is hard to pull off a story without a protagonist. The book is about them and their adventure. Most of the time, the protagonist will be the narrator character for the story, and we'll see the book through their eyes. I also want a Deuteragonist in my story. a deuteragonist is almost … Continue reading Defining my main characters (Killing Days Version 4)

Killing Days Personal Review

I've spent the last couple of days thinking about my current project, Killing days. As I've stated before in my "Rin’s Start Line" Post (Link: ) I did outline my hopes of rewriting or making a new story in the Killing Days universe. And that is what I've decided to do. However, I want … Continue reading Killing Days Personal Review